Travel to Budapest Can Make a Difference

Chain Bridge in Budapest at night

It seems I’m one of those guys that wants to see the world but by train or car if that would be possible. I love to travel but I just hate flying. Once more this was confirmed two weeks ago when I traveled to Budapest, Hungary.

We all have different taste, about different kinds of pleasure. And traveling supposed to bring lot of pleasure. For some that might be seeing all the important sites in the city, visit most famous places, clubs or restaurants; some admire the architecture and go to the museums, some relate to the tradition and local foods and drinks. Of course there are those who don’t relate to anything.

But does travel has any other purpose than giving our senses some new and fresh sort of pleasure? I guess it depends on the person. I find introspection everywhere. Simply I cannot help it. Whatever I see or whoever I meet I analyze how that place or person influenced me. Why I react the way I react or why I like or dislike something? I look for meaning in everything. Unfortunately as time goes by this can make you less carnal. The sensual pleasure is not important anymore and you want to experience something deeper to exchange something valuable.

Dennis Bergkamp knows how I feel 

My friends as well as my girlfriend say I’ve became old. And I guess they are right. For instance, instead of being happy and trilled for leaving to Budapest, I was all stressed up. As I was about to enter the plane I was deeply disturbed. This unpleasant feeling was driven out from an unpleasant thought “Here in this plane I have no control over my life, if something happens I simply have to surrender and let it go”. You see I’ve been a fighter my whole life and at the moment I’m facing so many obstacles and challenges that I’m constantly struggling.

In the plane I’ve noticed how stressed I’m. Various bad thoughts had appeared on the surface. Again, I was thinking of death and my beloved ones.  However, the flight was short and as soon as I landed my feet on the ground that cloud of dark thoughts disappeared.

The Labyrint (but not the movie)

I was ready to experience Budapest. It’s a 1000 years old city. As you walk on the streets you can notice history. The specific architecture is visible on every corner. And there is great city tour that takes you on every important site. But from everything I’ve seen I admire two spots – the Labyrinth of Buda Castle and the St. Stephen’s basilica.

The Labirintus is not an easy place to be. Its 15 meters below surface. It’s a hundreds of years old cave system that was later adapted and used as prison and military base. It is almost 1 km long in circle and it’s not a clear way but has many halls and rooms (small caves) and dead ends, so the prisoners at that time could not escape. There is a story that the most famous prisoner was Vlad Tepesh – known as Dracula.

Budapest Labyrinth caves

St. Stephan I is considered to be the first king of Hungary. The cathedral that has his name is built in the second half of the 19-th century. It’s one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have been.

St Stephen basilica

St. Stephen basilica inside

This city has much to offer. Great food and vine. Castles, galleries, museums, churches and cathedrals, and a ride on the big blue Danube. Although the English language is not strong side of Hungarian people in general, yet they are great hosts and you will be treated well (at least you’ll not be hungry or thirsty).

If you have a chance to visit you will not regret. But I’ll be more than satisfied if you can share your thoughts on traveling, how it affects you, what kind of traveler are you.



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  1. Great blog post! very interesting and brilliant photos! Keep it up.

    1. Also Budapest is number one on my bucket list and you’ve inspired me to do some more research into the what I want to visit when I finally get around to going there! I want to visit the Labyrinth of Buda Castle and the St. Stephen’s basilica.

  2. Beautiful pics.. Budapest is such a gorgeous place. I wish to visit it someday for sure. The city’s architecture looks superb.

  3. From pictures it looks like the place has a great history. I love such antique places that has a story to share. They excite me always.

  4. What a beautiful sights! Budapest is truly a stunning sight to must visit!

  5. I like to travel but I agree, sometimes it can be super stressful. I don’t like plane journeys either they make me feel sick x

  6. Travel is an awesome stress reliever, what more if it’s to a place like Budapest. I think it would be, if not the best, one of the best experiences I can ever have in my life.

  7. It looks like a great place to explore and get lost in. I’ve never been to Budapest before and I sure would love to.

  8. Budapest has such rich culture and tradition and I love its old time look and feel. A friend has applied to a University in Budapest and I plan to crash into her house when I am there 🙂 Great post!

  9. Budapest looks like it would be such a wonderful place to visit. The caves! My goodness .. they look incredible. Those I’d love to see one day. Can you imagine the stories their walls would tell if only they could?

  10. Wow, The Labyrinth looks amazing! Thanks for sharing these wonderful bits of Budapest. I love travel and feel it is super fulfilling.

  11. Stunning. That architecture is amazing. I love that bridge. Well, I hate driving over them, but looking at them is always nice.

  12. I am so in awwww over these pictures. I would love to travel out of the country but am so afraid maybe one day!

  13. Travel brings me a new pleasure. I know I get excited to travel somewhere (even if I’ve been there before). I’m so sorry you get anxious about flying. I get that way too so I definitely prefer driving. Other than having to fly, it sounds like you had a wonderful travel to Budapest. St. Stephan is a beautiful catherdral. Love the pictures!

  14. Wow! Budapest is never somewhere I’ve thought about going but it looks like such a beautiful place to visit.

    Chelsea |

  15. I have heard great things about Budapest and would love to visit with my daughter. I totally get the whole anxiety thing when flying, but maybe take a pillow, do some yoga pre flight and or find something to help relax you.

  16. I’m living in Budapest but never been to Labyrinths… when you live and work in a place you easily miss all those sights that people visit while here. I like to travel and see new places. If it’s a short visit I try to see as much as possible and if it’s a bit longer one I like to live like the locals.

  17. Should have been an outstanding experience. tHE ARCHITECTURE looks stunning..that reminds me of cavehills in fermanagh in N.Ireland.

  18. I am from Romania and I didn’t that our Vlad Țepeș was imprisoned in the Labyrint. Great post. Bookmarked so I can refer to it when I go to Budapest.

  19. It’s amazing to travel by road as you can feel the true nature and culture of teh place.

  20. Budapest was one of my favorite countries I ever visited! I took a dinner cruise along the Danube and the lights were beautiful.

  21. Budapest is on my bucket list due to its history and culture. It is a place that I would definitely appreciate and love if I went.

  22. You have made this article very personal and I admire that. Just wanted to tell you that I suppose we all have those feelings because we are leaving our comfort zone, but to me the desire of exploring a new city is more overwhelming than my fears.

  23. This is such a beautiful post! And similar to you, I love to travel but I also just love getting to that country. I think many travelers feel that way. P.s this seems like a destination I need to check out.

  24. I have heard and read more about Budapest, i wish i will visit there some day.

  25. I would LOVE to visit budapest, it looks like the most beautiful place to visit and with so much history and culture. One day I’ll get there.

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