Indiana Jones And The Mystery of The Bosnian Pyramids

Bosnian pyramid of the Sun
My recent trip to the Bosnia had one reason only – to personally check the newest world’s archaeological attraction – the Bosnian Pyramids. They are located in Visoko, a small town near Sarajevo and the person who stands behind this huge claim and coordinates the whole project is Dr. Sam Osmanagic.
This visit brought me back to my childhood days. Then, I remember, almost every kid in the neighborhood wanted to be Indiana Jones. And who wouldn’t, after watching this famous Harrison Ford movie? Exploring the secrets of human history, revealing something huge, something that can at least change our perspectives, maybe even our future.
I’ve read a lot about the Bosnian pyramids. People around the world have joined voluntarily to participate and contribute to this project. I thought this cannot be just another hoax. After the recent visit of Dr. Osmanagic in my town and his incredible 3 hours presentation in which he presented his ideas and some artifacts that directly confront the official paradigm about the pyramids, I made a decision that I have to check this place.
Years ago I was presented to “The Forbidden Archaeology“, a book that was literary forbidden in the USA in the 90’s and in which their authors claim that many of the archaeological findings that didn’t fit the official theory were simply destroyed or kept away from the public eyes.  This serious claim got my attention because at that time while studying philosophy, I was also interested in the origins of the Vedas and the Bible, the periods and locations that are mentioned in these holy scriptures. And this inevitably leads me to the question of the oldest known civilizations.
I concluded that there are more than just some indications that something is been hidden from us, especially after witnessing how in my own country “history is made by those in power”.
Meeting a living legend
With Dr. Sam Osmanagic
Meeting a living legend

Anyway, joined with a couple of friends of mine at the end of May I came to Sarajevo. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t serve us well, so the day that we planned to visit Visoko was rainy and cold. However, we managed to go there. When we came at our first spot, the famous Pyramid of the Sun, we were pleasantly surprised when our host told us the Dr. Osmanagic is here and leads a tour of foreign diplomats.

We just run up at the hill, over the mud and slippery trails and finally heard Dr. Sam’s voice from the distance. We quietly joined the group. Dr. Sam was explaining that the samples of concrete that cover the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon was proven to be very old, more than 12.000 years.
We continued towards the Ravne tunnels, for me even more interesting spot. Before entering Dr. Sam invited us to the museum where he presented and explained some of the measurements performed and artifacts found. It sounded strange because when people talk about pyramids they usually talk about tombs and Egypt. The last thing you’ll expect to hear is some frequency measurements, Tesla, Schumann resonances and sacred geometry. After the museum presentation, we finally entered the tunnels. It was funny when Dr. Sam noticed that suddenly the group became almost as twice as big then 2 hours before. But what can be done – the man is a so charismatic, people simply wanted to be in his association.
So, it was very crowdy in the narrow tunnels. There was no sound support and only those who were near Sam could hear what he said. The tunnels are 2 km from the Pyramid of the Sun. Dr. Sam noticed them around 10 years ago and concluded that this cannot be only some natural cavern tunnels.
Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
Megalith stones Pyramid of the Sun
Megalith stones at the Pyramid of the Sun
Sacred geometry park
The sacred geometry park
Runic stone at the Ravne tunnels
Runic stone at the Ravne tunnels


Healing stones and meditation chambers

The Ravne tunnels are maybe even more popular than the Bosnian pyramids because of their healing characteristics, such as the amazing concentration of negative ions. The volunteers there shared stories of people with different diseases such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, coming over and over again because of the benefits they felt while staying in the tunnels. So, a team started doing observation and measurements on people with different health issues, and it was confirmed that there are significant improvements.
Dr. Sam explains that the presence of such high concentration of negative ions is the reason for immediate rejuvenation of the body cells. I don’t know about others, but I can only confirm that the air 200 m inside the tunnels was so good I didn’t want to leave.
Ravne tunnels meditation chamber
Meditation chamber
Megalith stone at Ravne tunnels
Megalith stone
Inside the Ravne tunnels
Ravne tunnels
Negative ions level at Ravne tunnels
Negative ions level
8 tons megalith healing stone
8 tons megalith healing stone

So I came back the next day, alone and I was lucky again because Dr. Sam was standing in front of the tunnel entrance. He smiled, we shake hands and I thanked him for yesterday’s presentation. He agreed for a picture and after that went to the park near the entrance that is arranged by the principles of sacred geometry.

I was so excited. Went on the same spots from the previous day. But this time I stayed much longer. Two spots drew my attention most – the 8 tons megalith healing stone and the special quite place known as the healing chamber. I stayed for two hours, most of the time alone in perfect silence. Meditating, breathing, praying, talking to myself.
All that spiced after with some mystery talks about ancient advanced civilizations and sophisticated technology, the little Indiana Jones woke up after so many years 🙂
Just briefly, Dr. Sam gives 10 scientific criteria
1. Geometry – side length and pyramid height
2. Construction material
3. Side placement (orientation)
4. Inner chambers
5. Underground tunnels
6. Water – rivers by the pyramid and water flow deep underground
7. Sacred geometry – example: if you connect the picks of the Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon and Pyramid of the Dragon you’ll get equilateral triangle
8. Astronomical characteristics
9. Energy potent places – something with iron, water flow under the pyramid and production of electromagnetic fields and other types of energies
10. Volcanic lines – pyramids around the world are built on the line or crossroads of so-called connects volcanic lines.
If the Egyptian pyramids were the only pyramids in the world I guess I would not have any problem with the explanation provided – the pyramids are tombs of the pharaohs and or maybe place for sacrifice (like those in Mexico). But knowing that there are so many pyramid-like objects around the world, on each continent, and hardly any of these objects function as someone’s tomb, I have solid reasons to believe that the pyramids have completely other function. Are they energetic machines as Dr. Sam refers? Well, why not, although I wish to see that in practice. With all this pollution and climate changes going on, we can surely use some Mother Earth-friendly technology 🙂
I know that people who strongly stick to the official discourse about pyramids and haven’t visited the Bosnian pyramids think that this story is nothing but a fraud. I leave that to the scientists. Here I’m just telling a story, that worth telling and I pretty much enjoy.

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  1. I would love to visit The Bosnian Pyramids! I love history and archaeology so I think would enjoy visiting! I’ve seen the Egyptian pyramids and I was so impressed with them!

  2. Nice story dude! I would like to go there someday

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