This Couple Did Something Most of Us Dream Of – Travel Around The World

Travel around Gaia project

Who wants to travel around the world? Everyone, I believe. Of course, the majority would travel by plane and the more adventurous by car. But can you imagine travel the world by motorcycle for 4 years?  It’s unimaginable for me. Ivana and Manu, a Macedonian-Spanish couple, just finished their travel around the world and this is their story in short.

Around Gaia on Yamaha

In numbers, Ivana Colakovska and Manu Torres started their travel around the world on 17 April 2013 when they headed for their first destination – Morocco. They were on the road 1450 days during which they visited 1450 different places, on 6 continents, 55 countries and crossed 148.000 km on their Yamaha XT600Z Ténéré.  They wanted to reach Australia, South America, and Alaska and without some particular specified plan, they did it. Without GPS and without any preparation for this kind of venture they opened a completely new chapter in their lives, and in their family’s life.

After some time Ivana and Manu realized that this travel had become a serious project.

Every time when a certain threat would occur and endanger our trip I would always find a way to overcome that obstacle. In that way, I became more mature and proud to share the lessons I’ve learned so this act of courage would motivate others on fulfilling their efforts. And so it was. As the time was passing by I realized that my dream wasn’t only mine anymore. I felt a commitment to never give up because with conquering my fears and overcoming the challenges I wanted to show that everyone can succeed” – says Ivana.

Their limits were tested immediately on their first try. They were tested so many times as they traveled through deserts, forests, villages and high mountains; on minus 20 and plus 50 Celsius, under heavy rains, snow, wind, dust, and the extremely hot Sun.

Troubles meet them on every corner. Lack of oxygen while traveling in Bolivia; a broken leg that needed surgery, frozen fingers and blood from the nose while crossing Pamir mountain in Tajikistan. They slept under the open sky in the Sumatra’s jungle while fearing their lives from tiger attack or Grizzlies while driving through Alaska. They were eating ants and grasshoppers to survive and run away from thieves who wanted to still their motorcycle in Buenos Aires.

They also faced serious difficulties regarding overseas transportation and crossing the borders. However, they kept believing and never gave up.

Travel around Gaia desert

“Once you arrive with a smile, all the doors will open”

One of the things I wonder about in cases like this is food and accommodation. How they managed without a budget, only with some basic tools and clothes to survive out there? It’s a true miracle that all these years they succeeded to find shelter by connecting with locals who opened their doors and welcomed the foreigners.

On their journey, they mostly avoided riding on highways and drove through villages. Traveling on small roads helped them to get close and connect with locals. They learned about local traditions, and every time they would enter a new country and meet new culture they had to learn to trust the habitats and vice versa.

While traveling they were noticed on the social media and supported by some companies, gained partners and some sponsorship that helped them to achieve their goal.

Welcomed as heroes

On 1 April 2017, they crossed Greece border and entered Macedonia. 70 bikers were waiting for them to accompany them to their final destination to Skopje. When Ivana and Manu entered the capital of Macedonia they were followed by 220 bikers and welcomed with music on the city square by many of their relatives, friends, and supporters.

After Skopje, their travel around the world continues through Europe. They plan to go to Spain and meet Manu’s family and friends. From there, they will continue traveling to France, Germany and drive Europe.

I admire people like Ivana and Manu. They leave an example of what my life motto is – “Life is to be experienced not interpreted”. Freedom has its price, but I’m glad that these two had enjoyed their freedom without any loss. Their story is of the happy ones and obviously will be continued.



The photos belong to Ivana and Manu ( There are more on their site and Facebook group. Just follow the links in the text.

Ivana and Manu Around Gaia

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  1. This is really inspirational. I bet they had so much fun! I wonder what other places they wanted to visit or do.

  2. Wow looks like they had an amazing trip, I would love to travel one day

  3. Wow I just love reading about Ivana and Manu’s travels. I think most of could only dream about embarking all across the world, seeing all these amazing places. Just incredible!

  4. Wow I’m so jealous of their life! It must be so spectacular to be able to take that sort of time out to see so much of the world. You really don’t know what’s out there until you experience it for yourself for an extended period of time!

  5. What an amazing adventure! The ‘travel aroudn the world’ idea is tempting for everyone – that’s tru, but I couldn’t imagine myself in these conditions, so I’d rather be the first group – fly by plane, sidesee around and move on to the next destination.
    Thanks for that!

  6. Awesome photos and adventures! Have been traveling for over 10yrs and still loving it! So much to learn & see!

  7. Wow that must have been an amazing experience. I don’t get to travel much as I have 3 children and it can be very expensive.

  8. This couple is an inspiration!! I used to follow them and I didn`t know that they returned to Macedonia!!!

  9. Oh my god, this couple rocks. I totally love the idea and would love to go, but I have a 3 year old, not sure how it would work with her on the bike lol!

  10. what a lucky couple! I would love to do that some day, I’ve always wanted to go see the world… maybe when my kids are older I will be able to : ) thanks for sharing the story!

  11. This was more than just a story about a couple that was able to travel around the world. It was inspiring to read examples of how they never gave up even when troublesome situations stood in the way. Thanks for motivating me to keep pursuing my dreams at all costs.

  12. I can only imagine what it was like to see the world through their eyes. They are so admirable, I never could have done what they have.

  13. I think these people are awesome! It takes courage and it’s a huge risk to travel around the world. They are truly an inspiration to many.

  14. This is awsome stuff. 4 years on bike?? Hats off. I wish a could do half of that in life. Staying Motivated by this. 🙂

  15. Wait, are you Greek? or you just started your journey from Greece?
    Btw I really want to travel Asia with a bike! ♥
    ♥ xoxo My Life as Foteini/ Foteini Karagianni ♥

  16. I would absolutely love to travel the world but I dont know if I would want to do it on a motorcycle. Although I bet my husband would love to do it. He has been asking for a motorcycle for years.

  17. Can’t imagine doing that though..although it’s a dream comes true for us if we do. And those countries they visit seems so exotic. Really envy those who have gut to make their dream comes true.

  18. What a dream come true! I can’t even imagine being able to do that. I love all of the photos with their motorcycle .. especially in the desert. I bet they have some great stories to tell!

  19. I wish my job let me go off for that long. This is definitely vacation goals. Imagine how much try they learned about the people they met along the way.

  20. Wow I have only traveled outside of the country once, this would be an amazing adventure. Maybe one day I will travel more when I am braver!

  21. It would be amazing to travel around the world! I’ve been to about 13 countries so far, but want to see more.

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