Why Ashton and De Niro Can Make a Difference – Because They Are Famous

Famous Ashton Kutcher Robert De Niro

Last week, two non-political (read not-Trump) events got public attention. Two famous movie stars played the main role in these events. Ashton Kutcher addressed the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and shared his testimony on human trafficking and child sexual abuse. On the other side, Hollywood veteran Robert De Niro along with Robert F. Kennedy […]

Urban Farming – From Positive Trend to Important Heritage for Future Generations

A positive trend Urban farming is surely one of the most positive trends in the recent years around the world. The latest findings regarding the way our food is produced revealed serious violations and endangerment of our wellbeing. Considering the intense anti-GMO campaigns and healthy food awareness initiatives that demand chemicals-free food in our stores […]

Camping Means Joining With Nature. Here Is Why You Should Go

Camping shouldn’t be challenge only for those who are naturalist or adrenaline addicts. We can notice that there are interesting reality shows that appeared recently and showing us the wild side of camping. But there is no doubt that camping can be amazing lifetime experience and adventure for all. There are people who passionately travel around the […]