Why Ashton and De Niro Can Make a Difference – Because They Are Famous

Famous Ashton Kutcher Robert De Niro

Last week, two non-political (read not-Trump) events got public attention. Two famous movie stars played the main role in these events. Ashton Kutcher addressed the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and shared his testimony on human trafficking and child sexual abuse. On the other side, Hollywood veteran Robert De Niro along with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. again publicly raised the question on vaccine safety.

Child abuse

Ashton is fighting human trafficking and child abuse for some time through his organization Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children. He had visited some of the black spots worldwide regarding sexual child abuse such as India, Cambodia, Mexico, Russia, and some USA cities. Trough his cooperation with the FBI he witnessed things that are very disturbing needs urgent reaction.  Ashton also fights internet forums and sites that are offering services for so called transitional sex.

Robert De Niro is in the media focus for some time due to his engagement in the general anti-vaccine campaign. Last year he was mention mostly in relation to Vaxxed – a documentary, and dealing with the notorious MMR vaccine (measles/mumps/rubella) and its possible linking to autism. He was under huge pressure from media and influential people and institutions to pull back the movie from Tribeca film festival. Censorship and rejection also followed for another festivals to.

Are vaccines safe?

De Niro has very personal reasons for this fight. For me and I believe for most of the people it’s hard to get the full picture what’s going on and understanding the situation with hundreds of autism cases that appeared after children received this particular vaccine. The attack on the institutions that are obliged to guarantee our safety is not easy for some people to handle.

I will not go into details if his fight (and the fight of the anti-vaccines movement) is justified. One thing is a fact here. He and people like him and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can make a difference.

I don’t know how much these burning issues are present in the media, but I have a feeling that if these celebrities didn’t stand for it, the whole story would get different dimension. It’s a very interesting phenomenon that whatever famous people do it’s simply virally transferred around world.

There is this verse in the Vedic holy script – Bhagavad Gita (3.20)

“Whatsoever a great man does, that other men also do; whatever he sets up as the standard that the world follows”.

We cannot dispute this fact. It’s been like this forever. The difference is that nowadays famous personalities are not only politicians, kings, priests or members of famous dynasties, but also actors, musicians, sportsmen etc.

We are all witnessing various noble deeds and celebrity activism. If ordinary people want to accomplish something and fulfill their cause, a lot of people need to join and give so much effort. But even then it’s questionable will they get the media’s attention and their massage shared. But it takes only one famous person to calls for a press conference and addresses certain society issue.

How many times we’ve been invited to join and support an initiative on saving something or protest against someone. Those who invited you know how difficult is to find people who will walk by your side and react in public.

It’s seems to me that if we really want to achieve something maybe we should address to and get the attention of celebrities. Because when famous people stand for something the whole world will know about it and react adequately.

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  1. Yes it’s always a good idea when public figures stand up for a cause as they have a fan following and the message can reach far more people than a common man trying to make a change.

  2. Is great when celebrities use their influence to make a positive change ! their voices are easier to be heard because all the media following them . Bravo

  3. It is great to hear that celebrities like them use their influence for a good cause. It is amazing how people listen when celebrities rally towards a cause they believe in.

  4. I knew both did amazing things, but was unaware of what. I love that they are fighting for what is right and using there status as leverage to have their voices heard for an important cause.

  5. Child abuse can not be tolerated, I don’t care where it is. Children are innocents. Karma will get child abusers, I have faith in that.

  6. I agree. It does make me sad sometimes that it has to be someone with a huge following that can make a difference when many of us struggle to be heard. That being said I am a fan of both celebrities and think they are making a big difference. As someone who was abused myself I particularly resonate with Kutcher’s heart, it breaks my heart what some people have to go through x

  7. Nooran ja kumppaneiden linjoilla… harvoin (tai ehkei niinkään harvoin) näkee/kuulee mitään näin pahaa jeesustelua ja näin huonoa journalismia. Ja näihin ihmiset sitten vielä tarttuu. On typerää roudata ruokaa ympäri palloa. Paikalliset tai melko paikalliset ruoka-aineet ovat hyvin riittäneet sadoille sukupolville.Vielä typerämpää on roudata ravintoköyhää tehoruokaa, joka tekee hallaa molemmissa päissä. Ja jos jotain roudataan, niin eikö silloin mahdollisimman puhdasta/luonnollista, tuotannoltaan eettistä/pienimuotoista ja ravintotiheää ruokaa?

  8. It think it’s great that people like them use their ‘power’ to speak about things like this and address a lot of people as well. More people will know about these issues now!

  9. Am so happy you shared this post.It’s good that celebrities like these two great guys take action and lead others to think about issues like these.

  10. thanks so much for sharing this powerful post.

  11. Fight against child abuse should be taken to a higher level and we should all contribute to stop it.
    Nice post..

  12. I really appreciate it when public figures fight the good fight and contribute towards great causes without making it a publicity stunt. They really can make a positive impact

  13. It’s good that famous people take action and lead others to think about issues like these. However it’s always good to know enough facts before fighting. For example what comes to vaccinations the benefits are so much bigger than the minimal risk for side effects that it’s ridiculous why people question them so much.

  14. Child abuse has really eaten deep in the society.. The fight should be taken very serious.


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